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Nano-machining is a super precision way of metal processing. It add so much flexibility to create ultra precision structure with nano precision surface quality. There for it enables to machine free form surface to optical elements. Juken Group is now ready to go for nano precision.

For this technology, we can provide mass production solution of ultra precision plastic component.

(Microscopic image of fly eye lens (product) :Optical ax pitch 100 µm)

フライアイレンズ・プレート 成形品

1. About processing machine

This special machining center has exactly the same mechanical feature as regular machining center. Big difference is the its capability. Linear scale has sub-nano precision and 5 axes are controlled simultaneously.


2. Processing


Nano-machining uses diamond cutter to create super smooth surface(Ra 1.5 nm), id est polishing is no necessary any more. Therefore, precision fresnel lens, free form surface and its fresnel structure is also possible.

3. Ultra precision mold inset

Nano-machining enables ultra precise mold insert. Optical components, bid-medical components are not special products any more.